Shisong Cardiac Center

Historical background:

St. Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital Cardiac Centre Shisong was initiated in 2002 following collaboration between the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis and two Italian non- governmental charitable organizations—Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo and Cuore Fratello. Don Claudio Maggioni, an Italian Priest, is the origin of the Cardiac Centre dream. The Cardiac Centre was officially inaugurated on November 19, 2009. On November 20th, just the day after, Cardiac Surgeries started in the new structure.

The Catheterisation Laboratory became functional in June 2010 while Pace Maker implantations took off in October of that same year, leading to the Cardiac Centre experiencing the full running of its activities. In January 2013, the Cardiac Centre got its first resident Cardiac Surgeon and this greatly enabled regular surgical activities. The resident team now carries out various cardiac procedures.

A Memorandum of Understanding among the founding Organisations, the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis (TSSF), Cuore Fratello and Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo was signed in June 2011.

Main Entrance to the Cardiac Centre Shisong

On December 22, 2010, the TSSF had signed another Memorandum of Understanding with Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health for the Control and Management of Cardiovascular Diseases in Cameroon. The Cardiac Centre is a National Referral Centre for Cardiovascular diseases in Cameroon.

On November 04, 2015 following Presidential Decree N° 2015/493, the Cardiac Center Shisong was recognized as a “Public Utility” barely six years after its inauguration. The Head of State’s recognition saluted the efforts of the TSSF in Cameroon and signaled great expectations as well.


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